LuvliLounge Gift Guide For Him

LuvliLounge Gift Guide For Him

With Christmas fast approaching, now’s the time to spread the Xmas cheer, and how’s a better way to do that, than with a great pressie? Let LuvliLounge guide you with some inspiration on the perfect gifts to get HIM!



1. Beard Gang

Keep him nice and trim this season with this miniature Beard groomer set from CatEye in a vintage themed wallet. (£11, John Lewis)

2. Xmas Tipple

This holiday season is great time to have a laugh and share a drink with friends and family. This Disaronno set will have him feeling festive in no time! (£12.25, The Whisky Exchange)

3. Personal Superman

Show him that he's your superman with this funky notebook from ASOS. They also do next day delivery, get shoppin’! (£4, ASOS)

4. Knitted Up

Keeping warm this winter is the way forward and what better way to do this than to get him this cute striped hat from Zara. It also comes in a variety of colours! (£9.99, Zara)

5. Keep Trim

It’s likely that a couple of us will put put on the pounds this season. Help him keep fresh from the gym with this essential gym kit from White Mint, including Cleansing Face Wash and Shampoo & Body Wash (£25, White Mint)

6. Puzzle Box

Keep all your treasures safe with this traditional Japanese Puzzle Box as no one will be able to crack this except you. It also includes 10 brain teasers. (£9.99, Red5)

7. Lunch Time

The festive period can’t last forever, so how about a cute lunch box from John Lewis to get him prepped and ready for work. You can also add some leftovers from Xmas too! (£8, John Lewis)

8. Player, player

If he loves card games, these personalised cards are a great way to keep him entertained and plaster your lovely images all over them. (£7.99, Cewe Photoworld)

9. Man Bag

Backpacks tend to help take the pressure of your shoulders. Buy him this faux leather backpack from ASOS for the fraction of the price for a real leather bag. (£25, ASOS) 

10. Succulent Plants

These thorny Cactus plants from IKEA may seem like an unconventional present, but they are low maintenance and look great on shelves. He’ll love it! (£4.50, IKEA)


Merry Christmas!




By Aseosa Uwagboe


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