Luvli Lounge’s guide to staying motivated this winter.

As Christmas approaches and the country gets colder the frost rolls in, we make our wish lists and dig deeper into our closets to get our thicker jumpers. The winter as we all know it can be harsh. However, we want you to think about the good. The warm cuddle your bed gives you on a winter morning. The trust you have for your quilt when you wake up, and it looks too grey outside.

The winter encourages you to stay in and snuggle, but we want to help you stay motivated.  That morning commute need not be so daunting any longer.

Get your winter wardrobe ready.
Having the right winter warmers is crucial. Go shopping, be excited about your wardrobe so that you feel encouraged to flaunt it.

Make a to-do list.
Set your goals and spread them into smaller tasks. With achievable in hand, tackle them one at a time. Getting through them will help you feel fabulous and productive.

Eat right and Exercise.
Let’s face it; it’s the season for extra layers and wholesome food. Time to indulge and seek comfort, and so you should. But maintaining a balanced diet and regular workouts will keep you feeling great from the inside out. What better place to conquer your goals if not when you are feeling great? Remember summer bodies are made in the winter!

Tiptoes and sheet robes are how we see winter. When you look past the cold, winter gives us a chance to connect and embrace. You tend to bring people in and seek comfort in touch. Be it to be comfortable, cosy or conjuring dreams, our products are here to inspire you. Be it in the bedroom, or just for you, we will help you get to where your body is trying to guide you.

If you have any other tips and tricks, share them with us, we'd love to hear 

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