Sex Appeal: Why Women Love Lingerie

Sex Appeal: Why Women Love Lingerie

It isn’t exactly a secret that women love lingerie, you’ve probably got full drawers crammed with lingerie new and old. You probably still own bras that no longer fit but that you hold on to because they’re just so damn pretty! I mean that intricate lace design, that sexy satin material, that padding that padded bra that supported you for so long; how could you just let them go? Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you to chuck those beloved, no longer worn items. We’re just here to find out why we love lingerie so much and if anything, reasons why it is acceptable to add to your collection!

1. The Power of Lingerie

We love to look and feel sexy, there is something about putting on that super sexy thong beneath our work attire that makes us feel confident, sexy and powerful. It isn’t all about looking good for our partners, but the feeling it gives us knowing that no one else knows what is lying beneath that modest work outfit. To rephrase an ancient proverb: “if sexy lingerie is worn and no one is around to see it, does it still make the wearer feel sexy?” Answer: Hell yes. We know what we’re wearing, we admired ourselves in the mirror as we got ready and it made us feel confident for the rest of the day. The power of lingerie is infinite!


2. Partner Pleasing

Whilst we don’t wear lingerie just to please our partners, sometimes we decide to give them a treat. They’ve been good to us and maybe they deserve a glimpse of our lingerie when it’s not just in the wash pile. This is when we pull out our sexiest body, chemise or our favourite set with the matching suspender belts and stockings. We want to feel desired and these items have so much pulling power with our partners! It’s like a moth to a flame. We like the way lingerie makes us feel, when we want to mix things up we turn to lingerie and when we can’t afford much for Christmas then pulling out our special lingerie will make amends. We may say that we wear lingerie to please our partners, but we love the way they look at us when we bring out our sexiest sets, so there’s a lot in it for us too!

3. Variety


Nobody likes to wear the same mundane styles day in and day out, so we like to mix up our lingerie styles just as much as our outfits. We love a matching set that showcases our tummies and curves, but we also want lingerie accessories like the Yaya Harness to mix things up. At other times, we want something like the Nova Bodice to make a statement and make us feel super sexy and snug. We love mixing things up so the variety of lingerie on offer these days is something that just keeps motivating us to add to our collections.

4. Flattering our Femininity

We like to know that what we are wearing beneath our clothes makes us look feminine and feel empowered every day. Lingerie allows us to do this regardless of what we are expected to wear during the day, for women who are doctors in scrubs or mechanics in overalls wearing a sexy set beneath may just remind us of our femininity and make us feel good for the day.

There are so many reasons why lingerie is such a big deal to us. It isn’t just about how we look but how we feel and lingerie really can alter our outlook on an entire day. There are so many reasons to make sure that you have comfortably fitting and flattering lingerie so don’t feel bad next time you open your drawers and find your collection overflowing. Instead, make it a shrine for your love of lingerie, make it your drawer of empowerment!

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