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  • 2018 Staying Motivated Starter Kit

    It is mid-way through January, the first month of 2018 and I have already struggled with following this month's goals. I told myself  February is my real start to the year, yet I realised this only occurred through my lack of motivation. So here are some helpful tips on how you can complete Janu... View Post
  • Happy New Year!

    - Welcome to the New Year Luvli’s 2018 has finally arrived! The New year always brings a sense of renewal, it's the official restart where you can finally put the things you’ve planned into action. As this is the year of winning, we’ve come up with four essential tips to keep you motivated throu... View Post
  • What to wear to this year’s Xmas Work Do?!

    December is the month of seasonal cheer, bearing of gifts and family reunions but ultimately one of the most expensive months. Despite the endless expenses, we can always look forward to a Christmas work do. It's when your uptight manager lets loose and difficult management drop their unfriendly ... View Post